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I can’t see the playback of video in the sync map— just a black screen. Any suggestions what might be the issue here? Thanks!

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Fixing troublesome apps is not too hard if you are using an Android. When a mobile app acts up the problem is often ruined data. Many apps cache bits of info like a friend’s new status update or a menu icon in your mobile’s limited storage. This lets you way in the app faster the next time you drag it up. So the flash stored data can also get issue to the app failing. You can sometimes fix the issue by trying the app to refresh its data from the server or the app’s unique files rather than the flash storage. To do a normal cache refresh, clear an app from your mobile’s current memory. Your gadget keeps just used apps active which retain their caches. By removing the app from memory you retune the cached info. To do this first hit the summary button on the right side of the routing bar. Then exit out of the issue app by dragging it to any sides. For good assess restart your mobile right away then. Visit my best essay writing service for any future writing related works.
With a program that keeps bad there might be a major issue with the coding of the app. Also it could no longer be friendly with your gadget. The developers might be awake of these issues. So you have to check whether there’s an update that cracks them. Open the Play Store then tap the menu key on the top left corner. There select my apps & games and then the app in question. Add any updates and see if it makes a change. Updating your Android OS could also reduce similar issues. After that entire if the app is still causing issues then it’s time for the last remedy. Try to contact the developer straight and make clear your issue. On the Play Store listing you can see a mailing option to help you get in contact with them.

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