Directly edit metadata instead of rewriting file? + Windows TC Tool Request

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Hi, I may not be the first to ask this question but I couldn’t find other examples in my search, so apologies if this is something that has been answered before.


As others have noted here, if one requires video files with embedded file-TC, the process for working with the Tentacle software effectively duplicates an entire project – not always the most efficient use of disk space, let alone possibly confusing to editors and other members of a team. What I’m wondering is if its possible that in a future update of the Tentacle software maybe we could directly save these changes to the timecode (since it’s as simple as the metadata indicating the start TC in the header of the file, no?) This would save me and many others lots of stress and time if so!


Another thing that I’ve realized would be nice applies just to the Windows software. I appreciate the log output files (actually this would be nice on Mac!) but the log file is just one long line of text, could you guys implement line breaks between the status report on each file? Would make digging through the logs much much easier. Also, there is a typo in the Windows software, it refers to “pass-trough” as opposed to “pass-through” in the export options window.


Thanks guys!

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