• Jon,

    Are you working in a country that records in PAl 25 FPS? Or were the cameras recording at a frame rate of 24 FPS? Many cameras say they are […]

  • Hi Jon,

    A screen shot might help the forum members help you.

    Include the Sync Ma.



  • I had to buy a new iPhone 5s to run the 10.3.3 version.

    What iPhone are you using and is it running the latest software?



  • Hi Stuart,

    I found that making sure the Tentacle Sync boxes are fully charged has helped my iPhone 5s “recognize” them.

    Phone volume “on” and sound […]

  • Hi Chris,

    Is the iPhone software app you are referring to the Tentacle Sync app?

    When synching the Blackmagic camera files in the Tentacle Sync […]

  • I would like to know if you have been successful in getting a GoPro hero 3 or 4 to sync properly using the new version (1.12) software. I have had […]

  • Update

    The intermittent audio timecode problem was caused by the GoPro “frame”(original style) mount that did not allow the 10 pin connector to fit […]

  • Setup (double system)

    Tentacle Sync to GoPro 3 Hero Black /using Tentacle Sync GoPro cable / Camera on tripod with sync-box mounted on […]

  • Fokke,

    Thank you for your thoughts on this intermittent problem. I will give the deinstall/reinstall a try. I am beginning to think that I should […]

  • My iPhone 5s sends the message that “tentacle not found.”

    I have read the other information on this site about this problem. I have been successful […]

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