[Solved] Issue with the xml and premiere cc 2015 on mac


I’ve an issue with the xml that is generated by the software and premiere cc 2015. There is a error at the importation (it says generical error). Does someone have the same problem ?

How can I do ?


Vivien Fossez asked

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    Hi Vivien,

    at the moment we just support XML export for FCP7. We will work on it in near future. The only way to use it with Premiere is to import the XML into FCP7 and export it again.

    Please be patient. It will come…

    Thanks, Max

    Tentacle Support Max answered

      Maybe a clue :


      I’ll try to import the xml in premiere CS6 (i’ve to download it)

      Vivien Fossez answered

        Ok with premiere CS6 it’s the same problem. It seems to be an incomptaibility¬†with the xml and premiere…

        Vivien Fossez answered

          Thanks Max fot the quick answer. Indeed the workflow with FCP7 is working fine.

          Vivien Fossez answered

            I tried to export the XML from FCP7 and open it in Adobe Premiere. it failed. I got this error:

            Fokke van Saane answered

              It turned out that PremP7.0 is the problem. It doesn’t load any XML.
              The same XML loads fine in PremP cc66 and PremP CC8.

              Fokke van Saane answered


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