[Solved] SONY A7Sii+ Zoom F4

Hi guys

I’m using SONY A7sII with zoom f4 field recorder. ┬áThe Zoom F4 is equipped only bnc TC input(no HDMI), I wonder if I can use Tentacle Sync to do the job, which one is placed on the camera, and the other is jamming the TC to zoom F4 with 3.5 to BNC connector.

Is the workflow ok?

Fokke van Saane answered

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    Yes, that will work.

    Maybe you can use just one tentacle, only on the camera. But please check what happens with the timecode if you turn off the Zoom, or replace batteries. I heard some contradictory reports about that.

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      As there is no timecode input available you have to use an audio input on the A7 to put timecode on. After the shoot, with Tentacle Sync studio you can read that audiotrack and make new quicktime files with new TOD timecode. Then sync it, or sync it within this app.

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        What if I use a7sii+ Atomos ninja flame (connected with HDMI). And recorded audio by Zoom F4.

        how do I set up correctly? Since a7sii has its own timecode generator and can be sent to ninja flame through HDMI. How do I set up the tentacle sync to make it work?

        CoCo Chang answered

          So, my a7sii didn’t jam the timecode. instead, I use tentacle sync to jam the TC and recorded into audio track, and send it along with the video into Atomos Ninja Flame and save into file(for instance Apple ProRess).

          And mean while, another tentacle sync couple with my Zoom F4 record the audio with TC coming from the Tentacle Sync.


          later on, when I get back to my office, I can do the syncing process through Tentacke tool or other application. Is that right?


          thanks for any suggestion.

          CoCo Chang answered


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