Audio not correctly Synced with Track E

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Hello! I have a rather annoying problem that I’ve been struggling with for some time now. I am the happy owner of three devices: Tentacle TRACK E. I use them on an Android phone via an app and Bluetooth. After starting all three and connecting to the phone, I press the “synchronize” button, set the timecode and the frame rate, and then record.

However when I upload the audio files into Adobe Premiere, they are not perfectly aligned and cannot be synchronized flawlessly. There are millisecond differences, which are unfortunately audible, and this echo is extremely irritating. I believe this issue is technically referred to as “Drift.” Is there anything that can be done to ensure the audio files are synchronized 100% and not just 99%?

Below, I am attaching a screenshot from Adobe Premiere. All three devices were synchronized with each other, and yet the recording did not start at the exact same moment on each of them. Additionally, if you look closely at the waveforms on the timeline, you will see that they do not match each other perfectly.

I should note that I have the latest version of the app on my phone, and all devices have the latest firmware.

Please Help!

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Check to see whether any sound is recorded at all using the mobile app. The waveform should be shown as it rolls. Make that the microphone is powered on and that the right microphone is being utilized. geometry dash world

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