Batch Offsetting Video

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Hi there,


I recently did a shoot running 2 A7Xii’s and a SD688 (jammed from the 688), now that i’ve imported the files and synced them, its produced a delay in the audio by about 8-10 frames, I assumed this is down to the DAC onboard the camera having latency. I tried applying an offset to the video files, but nothing seems to be happening when i preview the clips in the sync map.

Any suggestions?




An offset of 8-10 Frames sounds to me that the problem might come from something different. Latency between audio and video of a camera are usually under 1-2 frames.

So I think maybe you had set your SD688 timecode mode to 24H Run? This means that the recorder will always take the timecode from the internal RTC when powering down and up again. Internal RTC of the SD688 is not so precise, wich can result in a small offset of a few frames to seconds.

But don’t worry, you can correct this with the “set offset” function in Tentacle Sync Studio. Just select the files you would like to to set the offset and use the context menu (right click) and select “set offset”. Do not use the “audio/video shift” function as this is only for correcting the audio/video latency of cameras.

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