Can I use a tentacle 3.5 > xlr cable to put TC on a zoom f3

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I already know that the Zoom F3 doesn’t have tc in feature except through the bluetooth proprietary thing with a 3rd party. I know this already.

But it has 2 xlr channels, and I only need to run audio into one of them. So I have a spare xlr channel.

I also have the Tentacle Sync Tentacle to 3-Pin Male XLR Cable which is supposed to work for “any recorder that takes xlr input”

But I am not getting this to work. Even though I see a signal coming from the Sync-E channel on the Zoom F3 screen, there is no detection in the Sync Studio app.

please help. I thought this is why the 3.5>XLR cable attachment existed.

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@suika game The Tentacle to XLR cable is designed to feed timecode from a Tentacle Sync E or Original device to any recorder that uses a standard XLR input connector. However, the timecode signal will be recorded as an audio signal on a soundtrack, not as metadata. This means that you will need to use the Sync Studio software to extract the timecode from the audio track and sync your files.

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