Drop Frame not working properly

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I’ve come across an issue where my (6) Tentacle units are set on 29.97 Drop Frame, but when I attempt to verify that everything matches up via Jam Receive on the same 788T it was jammed from, it detects that the timecode is Non-Drop. I checked to make sure everything was setup correctly by using my Denecke SB-3 and the 788T read everything was spot on. Any ideas as to what’s going on?



Hi Tyler,
I have checked this today and figured out that this is a bug.

The thing is that Tentacle outputs 29.97 FPS and counts correctly with dropped, but it does not flag this in the LTC stream. So the time should be correct, but the stream is not interpreted in the right way by your recorder as Tentacle does not set the DF bit.

I have done a firmware update wich corrects this issue and also implements user bits. We have to do some testings before it will be released this week, but I can send you a beta version via email.