E and F problems with canon cameras

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I have 3 x Ist generation units and 2 x 2nd generation ( bluetooth ) units

I work with a huge number of different cameras.

I have noticed that certain Canon cameras like the C 200 and C 500 mark 2’s won’t except the newer units and that only 2 of my 3 older units are excepted by these cameras? All units are updated. When there is a problem I get F after the wrong readout and E when the camera has excepted the TC.

Can you please help me understand.

Oh, we are 25 frames in Australia, but the one older unit has never been the same after shooting with Americans at 29.97 Drop Frame

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Based on the information provided, it seems like you are experiencing compatibility issues between your timecode (TC) units and certain Canon cameras, specifically the C200 and C500 Mark II. It appears that the newer Bluetooth units are not accepted by these cameras, and only two of the three older units are compatible.

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