Footage did not sync correctly to audio, how can I fix this?

I used the Tentacle Sync E with two tentacle wireless mics connected with the tentacle splitter which I split to a Rode video mic pro+. This has worked well for us, however on one shoot we had one camera that did not sync in timecode for multiple days and the video does not match up at all when entered into Tentacle Sync studio. Aside from manually matching video to audio is there anything else we can do? We have tried the feature in Premiere pro to match waveform but it does not work. Trying to avoid an immense amount of work, time and frustration.

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If Tentacle Sync Studio fails to synchronize the unsynced video and audio automatically, manual synchronization is the most viable option. Use editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro to manually align the audio waveform with the corresponding video. While this may be time-consuming, it ensures accurate synchronization. Alternatively, reach out to Tentacle Sync support for further assistance.

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