Using iOS app to read TC in not working

Hi, I’m trying to use the Denecke TC Toolbox app to read incoming TC from one of my tentacles – think an easy TC display for a producer or script supervisor. I can’t seem to get it to work, however, the Denecke app never sees any incoming signal.


I have tried both TRS and TRRS cables that came with the Tentacles, fully inserted and one click in, at both the iPhone and the Tentacle ends. Nothing. Tried setting the output level of the Tentacle fully to Mic, fully to Line, and several places in between. Nothing.


I’ve read some discussion about people making up cables with in-line pads (I think a 33k Ohm resistor, if I remember correctly) to use more traditional, high output level TC generators like devices from Denecke and Ambient, and that it wouldn’t work without a padded cable. Do I need to build a cable like this for my Tentacles, or is there something else I’m doing incorrectly?


Thanks for the help!


Yeah you need to make or buy such a cable. The iPhone uses this resistor to know that there is an input connected. And the connection diagram isn’t standard either. I found a schematic online somewhere and made that, and it works (with both Denecke and Ambient app). Remember that it is not frame accurate as the display of every iPhone model is different and has a differend latency. But for producer FA or script/continuity it is fine.