Passthrough export is not a real passthrough

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We run 6 Tentacles and have playback issues in Premiere Pro CC 2015. The original GoPro footage runs very smooth while editing. After syncing the footage with the Tentacle Sync (0.98 – 1492) the footage does not playback smooth anymore. We tried all kinds of export options.

It makes no use to work with Tentacles, if the editing could not be done smooth and quick. We are editing on the fastest MacPros available on the market.

Please let us know, if there is a solution for that problem.

Best regards


We have tested this here with a 3,4 GHz Core i5 iMac and the exported footage plays smooth in Permiere CC 2015. Please send us an email to info It would also be helpful if you can send us some sample footage to reproduce this issue.

Best, Ulrich