Several shots being synced to wrong audio

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Over the past several shooting days we’ve found the software is missing about 20% of the shots — some of the shots are being synced to the wrong audio, other shots are missing audio all together (usually because the correct audio has been incorrectly synced to a previous shot), and some shots even have some tracks correct, some tracks incorrect. We started by trying to sync the entire day of shooting (about 80 shots) and when we found errors we cut the number of shots we were trying to sync to about 20-30 but still got similar errors.

We’re at a loss as to what might be happening so any thoughts how to fix this would be appreciated.

We’re shooting on a RED Dragon with audio being recorded on the Zoom F8 (1-7 tracks at a time).


Hi Anthony,

this sounds to me that you might have made a common mistake people often do when using the Zoom F8 Recorder.

Could it be that you might have PAUSED the recording on the Zoom F8? You should never do this, because everything recorded after pausing the recording will be not in sync anymore. The reason is that wave files can only contain one timestamp at the beginning of the file.

Hope that helps!

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