Slate suggestion for Sync E?

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I’m looking for a inexpensive slate that I can use with a Tentacle Sync E. It’s not for production work; it’s for testing workflows within a lab environment. I just need to be able to see (as in record on video) an accurate display of timecode. I’m currently using Tentacle’s Timebar app but it’s limited by the iPad’s screen refresh.


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I’ve once seen a photo, taken with an DSLR with a short shutter time, of, i think, five or six timecode slates by different brands. iPads, iPhones, but also real expensive TC slates. A lot of them where not identical. How to tell which one is right?
Most monitors have latency in some way, so they are a no go. So you have to stick to a dedicated analog display i would think. But are these made to be accurate? If the real timecode slates, that are made to be accurate, are off sync to each other… i don’t know what to trust

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