Does it support Samsung Nx1 camera and Grass valley Edius -V8.3

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Does the TENTACLE Syns support Edius 8.3. And does this support Samsung Nx1 camera?


First of all Tentacle Sync Studio is a OS X only application. Edius is a Windows only application. And the NX1 does use the brand new h.265 video codec.

So here are my thoughts: If you like to work with Tentacle there are two possible options:

  1. Use the Tentacle Timecode Tool for PC. This little tool does read audio timecode and will embed this tc into the file so that Edius can read it and you are able to use the syncing capabilities of Edius then. But we haven’t tested the Timecode Tool together with h.265 video yet. Maybe the passtrough option will work.
  2. Use a Mac for synchronizing your footage with Tentacle Sync Studio and export an XML file wich Edius should be able to read. We haven’t tested this, so I can’t guarantee that this will work.
    And regarding the NX1: If you use Tentacle Sync Studio for syncing you will not have any luck with playback, because the software relies on the Apple codecs installed on your system. And as far as I know Apple does not support h.265 yet. However if you are going to do an xml export, pure syncing (without preview or playback) should be possible. It’s because syncing does only rely on the audio timecode and not on the video codec. But again, we haven’t tested this yet.
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