Sync Issue with FX6 and Zoom F4 (Premiere)


I’m recording with a Sony FX6 and our sound recordist is using a Zoom F4. Everything works fine in the app and we check timecode on both devices to make sure they are in sync. (Using 23.98). Everything lines up in Sync Studio, but when I import the sequence into Premiere the timecodes are off by about a second a some amount of frames. I found someone with a similar issue using an FS7 and Zoom F8. (And FWIW, this happened again on a C300 and Zoom F4).

Any insight?


Hello dear forum,
We are having a fairly simple setup here: One Tentacle E gives audio TC into a Sony FS7. The other Tentacle E is giving TC into a Zoom F8 recorder. Both tentacles link nicely through the phone app. When I drag all the files into the Sync Studio software, all TC info is found and the files line up nicely on the timeline. I export XML to Premiere: And the audio and video are not in sync. Audio is one second and some frames ahead of the video. All devices are set on 24 FPS.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

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