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Hi world. Here’s the workflow I’m trying to accomplish: Generating TC with Sync E and baking it into RED Dragon via 4-pin LEMO (This part is working great, no issues).

Recording TC as a separate audio track on a Tascam X8 (as well as a boom and 2 lavs, each a separate mono track). For the test I’m just using a single boom.

I’m not finding a good workflow for baking in TC as metadata and exporting a wav file to then be brought to resolve. When I export media using Sync studio it just crashes every time and I’m looking for a way I can get to the point of all the files being in resolve, clicking sync via timecode, and being happy.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello! Instead of using Sync Studio to export media, try using other software or methods to extract the audio track using the built-in timecode from your Tascam X8. This can be done by importing the recording into digital audio workstation (DAW) software such as Adobe Audition, Audacity or Pro Tools. These software options provide greater flexibility and control during the export process battleship game

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