Tentacle Studio exported xml for davinci resolve

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This questions has been touched on before, but my dilemma is a bit different.

I shot some footage with 2 cameras at 59.94fps, both using the SyncE set at 29.97fps. I know how to update TC from audio within Davinci Resolve, but does not work correctly due to the frame rate differences.

I read on a Tentacle support page, that Tentacle Studio software can convert the 30 fps Audio TC to 60 fps File TC. Which I’ve done. As we all know, we have the option of exporting a Premiere or FCPX XML file.

Short of having Tent Studio export all my clips w/ embedded TC, does anyone have any tips, tricks, work-arounds on how to update my files in Resolve with the new TC metadata?

I do have FCPX, so maybe I’ll try creating a sync’d timeline in there, then export/import into Resolve. Would rather have a more direct approach if at possible, of course.

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As a last resort, you could try rewrapping your 59.94fps footage to a different container (e.g., from MXF to MOV) using a tool like Clipwrap or ffmpeg. This may help resolve any underlying timecode issues that could be caused by the container format.

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