where is the Tentacle Studio Manual please?

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Could you tell me where to find the Tentacle Studio Manual please?

Or what M an S in the audio timeline stand for? Mute and sync?

Where is a handy tutorial to produce  proper exportation  of Sync ProRes dailies?

Thank you,

Deen, DOP amsterdam


Manual? i am here Deen!
(self-mockery, zelfspot ….)

That are so common buttons on mixers that the Tentacle Team forget that this tool will now be used by people who are not familiar with these.

To make dailies; just for spotting or for real editing?
Remember that now you are working with separate audio there are more workflows possible, all with each own pros and cons. Things like metadata and pre and post roll, ease of editing and editors preference are factors in these. Deen; just give me a call and i guide you.


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