What is the best Premiere workflow for importing and editing multiple audio clips?

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I am considering the purchase of the Tentacle hardware but it’s not clear to me how I would work with the audio for . Here’s the case and the sub-optimal way I am doing it now:

Current workflow:

Single camera shoot with on camera boom, 2 DJI lav mics recording locally for subjects 1 and 2.

  1. Concatenate audio files so I have one for each lav (DJI audio files are split after about 20 minutes)
  2. Import video & audo
  3. Sync using premiere – quite easy for 2 mics and 1 camera
  4. Use “merge” command to link video clip and all 3 audio tracks – easy IF you have a single long take

This gets super complicated, super fast if you have multiple cameras and short takes. Regardless, even if I had timecode sync from Tentacle, I am not sure how it would help me link the video and audio tracks for this workflow.

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my workflow so far is to make a bin for each device and import the content to the bins.  I go in each bin, highlight all files and go-to metadata and add a unique camera label.  Then select my bins and create a multi source sequence. I select time code and create single multi source sequence and choose “by camera label”.    It makes a sequence then I right click it and show in time line.  If your other devices use time of day (that is what my tentacle is set for) then the other devices might not be perfect but likely will be within a second of alignment if they support writing video in and out metadata to the files.    I haven’t gotten to use it on a real project yet though because other tentacle sync issues I haven’t gotten past.  

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When it comes to importing and editing multiple audio clips in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can follow a workflow that maximizes efficiency and Candy Crush organization.

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