Wrong FPS set on Tentacle Track E Tentacle Sync Es

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I have a very boring problem from a shoot last week where I set my Sony cameras to record in 8K 24fps. I also set the Tentacle Track E and Sync Es to 24fps.   But even though it says 24fps in the Sony alpha cameras, it is actually 23.976. So now I cannot sync the audio file from the Tentacle Track E with the video files.  I have one large, long audio recording and many shorter video clips, so it would be easiest if I was able to reset the metadata in the audio file somehow.  As I understand it the audio file does not have actually frames, so if I take the start time code and the duration, together with a correct fps (23.976) should it not be possible to update the metadata in the .wav file and fix the problem.  I have tried many different things in the Tentacle Sync Studio software with no success.  I have tried to use the audio align function in Davinci Resolve, but the audio from the cameras is extremely clipped and it fails to make a correct alignment. I am also not sure what happens when a 24fps audio file is added to a 23.976fps timeline.  I have searched for a tool or utility to convert the timecode in the wave file without succes.

Do you have any advice that could assist me?  I am probably not the first to have this problem.

Many thanks.

Marc Honoré

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