• There is additional confirmation.

    Except for the ATEM 8K switch in the configuration shown in the picture in the question, Decklink and the camera […]

  • There is no AJA C10DA splitter right now.

    Therefore, only the test using the BNC T connector was conducted.

    In previous tests, even if one Tentacle […]

  • Images used for synchronization analysis are saved directly from the camera to the SD card.
    When I checked File-TC using Premire pro and TTS, I was […]

  • Video recording of two cameras was simultaneously recorded using the “LUMIX Tether for Multicam” program by connecting the Ethernet line.
    (However, […]

  • Sorry (T^T), I didn’t understand the answer well because I didn’t have basic knowledge about TC and video.

    Insert the TC into the camera using a BNC […]

  • Not long after the camera was released, the firmware version is the same as one.

    Other cameras have confirmed that there is no problem, and I am […]

  • The frame rate of multiple cameras and Tentacle is the same with 29.97 settings.

    I tried inputting the timecode from one Tentacle sync E to two […]

  • Thanks for your answer.
    I’m sorry not to upload images just by expanding the time of code.

    “Did you try to record all camera’s filming this […]

  • I am using several panasonic lumix DC-BGH1 cameras.

    The settings of the DC-BGH1 camera are as follows.
    – System Frequency : 59.94Hz(NTSC)
    – Rec […]

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