• For whatever reason is just works on the iPhone now. Sometimes it doesn’t. That’s ok I used it today with my F8 as the master and the result was […]

  • Important to note! As a newbie I realized for the sync to work with my F8 Tentacle needs to be set at line level.

  • Hi,

    i have the iPhone 6 with the latest iOS. I tried all of those things but I don’t ┬áhave access to another iPhone at the moment. I don’t feel […]

  • Just got the new tentacle sync and it won’t connect to my iPhone. Please help.

    I already went through all the suggested procedures and it does not […]

  • I just opened the package and right out of the box my device is not recognized by iPhone. I’ve notice posts about this since October of 2015 so what […]

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