• Thanks Fokke, I just found it. Perfect. Other problem with the Mac is resolved also by reinstallation. I was somewhat concerned as I am working at a […]

  • I have just tried to change the frame rate of my Tentacles by connecting to my Mac which I have just upgraded to High Sierra. The app won’t load. I […]

  • Ian, I did a test with a 5D mk2 and simply plugged into the camera adjusting absolutely nothing in the menu. Clearly mic power was on by default. It […]

  • Hi Leo,

    Just as a user, I dragged the poly wav to the left hand side of the screen, double clicked and it went to it’s correct time line and […]

  • The test worked very well. So easy to use and I would be happy to offer it to any clients now who shoot on DSLRs. One question I do have, will it […]

  • Many thanks Ulrich, that’s great.


    best regards



  • Many thanks Ulrich. How does it handle multi track poly files? I see what you mean about it being all quite intuitive. I am recording audio on a […]

  • Is there a manual for the sync software? I thought I remember seeing one but maybe not as I can’t find it. I am doing a 5D test tomorrow, so if […]

  • You will get a fuller answer from the Tentacle team but just to mention that a 5 pin lemo has pins for in and pins for out. Therefore the cables are […]

  • First of all, I would like to say, having used my Tentacles for the first time on a shoot last week, how pleased I am with them. Extremely easy and […]

  • I have just ordered 2 * Tentacles and would like also to know the answer to this question. Partly for confidence 😉