• That’s good to know, because i was wondering how the auto would know what is expected from him- would have to be a good mind reader, i thought.  […]

  • Yes, it’s frustrating isn’t it.  That’s why i’ve ended up making usb charging adapters, so i can charge or run various units via d-tap or 4 pol […]

  • Hi Michel,

    I am only a user but…….

    as long as the signal is still strong enough, this should work. It’s no different to splitting sound sources […]

  • Hi Ian,

    Peter here, another user.

    I had this problem with my old v_mount batteries and built my own discharge unit to find out exactly how long they […]

  • Must say i was wrong about Sound Devices , a delayed mail from them commented on the low level of my Tc recording, which needed to be normalised […]

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   GOT IT   !!!!!!!!!!!!


    The output level on the tentacle was too low. High enough for the camera, which was why ever […]

  • Yes there is an arrow pointing towards the Lemo Plug and it also says LTC-IN. As already said the cable works when feeding a TC via BNC from a […]

  • I am using the “In” cable which works perfectly well with a hard wire connection to the TC out of a  Fs7. This way I know, it’s not the cable that […]

  • Mein Fs 7 mkIi nimmt sofort das TC vom Tentacle an und die SD 633 nimmt auch das TC von der FS7 mkII  per BNC auch problemlos an. Daher nehme ich […]

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