• The logic that you are using is that I have to explain to you why you made a tool for the Apple platform and decided NOT to have the same […]

  • You obviously have engineering resources to release a new Tentacle Sync product and software to support this new product. But you can’t find the r […]

  • Are you ever going to develop sync compatible software for the Windows platform that you currently offer on the Apple platform?

  • Robert be sure to pass along some discount coupons 😉

  • What I’m requesting is a video or FAQ on the workflow that Window’s users need to employ to use your Windows software tool. I just spent over 500.00 […]

  • I have just purchased two Tentacle Sync devices and feel like a stepchild when it comes to software options. I’m not clear what the Windows software […]

  • What is the warranty period for the Tentacle Sync devices?

  • I just got my two Tentacle Sync devices today and when I load the Tentacle Timecode software for Windows, it does not recognize that I have a Sync […]

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    What’s not clear to me is whether I need to purchase different cables or can I use the one’s I currently own. In addition, do I setup the Tascam […]

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    I would greatly appreciate any tips on using two Tentacles with the DR-60D MKII. I’ll be using Wireless Sennheiser Mic with a Wireless Handheld Mic. […]

  • Wil asked a new question 5 years ago

    I have several xlr – 3.5mm cables of my own. Do I need to purchase one of your cables in order to use an XLR input on my camera or sound recorder?

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