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Are you ever going to develop sync compatible software for the Windows platform that you currently offer on the Apple platform?


The short answer is: Maybe.

As you might know Tentacle Sync started as a do-it-yourself project. In the first time we never thought selling this as commercial product. Because we used Macs those times Tentacle Sync Studio is a Mac native application, written in a Mac native programming language and using Mac native libraries and codecs. That’s why we cannot simply port Sync Studio to Windows.

We are currently looking for a solution, but this can take some time. Tentacle Sync for OS X took 5 years from the first release until today 🙂



It means that we are unhappy videographers who are bound to Windows may wait to buy your product until you get out a tentacle Sync for Windows.

Not good for your company. Any other company will have time to develop a similar product.




Hi Tommy. May I ask you how you intend to use the software on a PC?

I am asking because there are PC based solutions to batch sync footage based on timecode and even audio-timecode. Avid Media Composer and Da Vinci Resolve do batch sync and can read Audio Timecode. Even Premiere Pro CC can sync clips by timecode although it is not capable of reading audio timecode. But for this we offer the Tentacle Timecode Tool.

So I would be really interested in what you would like to do with Tentacle Sync Studio on a PC.



Is it possibel to use the timecode in Edius 8.5?

If that is okey I will consider to by it.

Best Tommy


You obviously have engineering resources to release a new Tentacle Sync product and software to support this new product. But you can’t find the resources to develop a Windows version of your batch syncing tool. I bought my Tentacle Syncs about a year ago and as a Windows user, I’m still being treated like an after thought. #shortsighted #weak #bad4business

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Hi Wil,

we are the only company that does bundle powerful LTC Reading and Batch Syncing Software for free with their products. Also we do have Software for Windows. There is the Tentacle Timecode Tool for Windows, which does read LTC and transcodes our footage to use it with your editing system.

If this still does not fit your needs, I am very curious to hear about what your specific requirements for your postproduction workflow are on a Windows machine.


The logic that you are using is that I have to explain to you why you made a tool for the Apple platform and decided NOT to have the same functionality on the Windows platform. There is a reason why you developed the enhanced tools on the Apple platform as you wanted a seamless method to sync your files. This functionality cannot be said to exist with your software on the Windows platform. Stop trying to have me explain why I shouldn’t like the shining object over there.