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Are you ever going to develop sync compatible software for the Windows platform that you currently offer on the Apple platform?

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I would like to see the software on Windows as well, mostly to create a sync map which seems like a difficult task in media composer. AutoSequence/Sync Only matches audio to video, I cannot lay out the audio tracks in whole with multivideo clips floating above, like a sync map. I have created these on a mac and exported the aaf and gotten the sync map into windows media composer on my workstation, but the video portions will not relink and is a pain in the @$$ in general. I wish I would have known this before investing in tentacle. Plural eyes is a 300 dollar program that does this. I’m not sure why Media Composer doesn’t have a function for this. So yeah, it seems pretty obvious to me why windows users would want an application to use their devices, no?

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