Is it possible to see the actual timecode when recording audio track Sony FS7

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Im a bit confused.

Is it possible to see the actual timecode when recording it as an audio signal to Sony FS7?(so without extension unit)

Or do I just have to trust that the timecode, given by my Sounddevices 633 to the tentacle box, is in line with the timecode recorded on the audio track on cam? (I hear the signal the tenytacle box gives)


Please advice someone!


Thanks is advance!!


Hi Sebestiaan,

it is true, when recording audio timecode and not using the extension unit, there is no way to check the timecode during recording on the FS7.

Jamming the Tentacle from your 633 is straight forward. Switch your Tentacle on in RED mode (red blinking), jam it from the 633. After Tentacle starts to blink GREEN everything is fine and you are good to go.

We have many customers using the FS7 to record audio timecode with no complaints. However, you should be aware of the following:

  • Make sure to set the Tentacle to match the frame rate of the camera and the 633. You can do this with the setup app for iOS/Android/OSX/PC
  • Take care that the output level of the Tentacle does match input level of the FS7 (Mic/Line). Especially the FS7 is prone to distort the timecode signal when feeding Line Level into a Mic Input, no matter if the Limiter is on or off and even if the level meter shows proper -20dB level.

Hope that helps!


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