Adobe Premier (mac)

Needing info on adobe premier workflow.

Is this still true?


Sadly we are not able to release a Windows Version of the Tentacle Sync Software. This is because we are making heavy usage of OSX Frameworks wich are simply not available on Windows.
Premiere CC is able to sync via Timecode, but not able to read Audio-Timecode. And as far as I know it has no batch syncing capabilities which means that you have to sync clip by clip by your own.


Hi David!

I am a bit confused. Do you need infos about the MAC workflow (because you mentioned mac in the heading) or the WINDOWS workflow (because you quoted a post regarding the windows version)?

Anyway, let me explain. If you are on a Mac you can use Tentacle Sync Studio for macOS. This program is a real all-in-one sync solution. Before you start to edit, you throw all your footage into Sync Studio. It will read and analyze all kinds of timecode (including timecode recorded on audio tracks) and automatically sync your footage. You have then different export options, you can export an XML or synchronized quicktime movies.

If you are on a PC you can use Tentacle Timecode Tool. As the name implies, it does not sync any footage. Its a tool for reading timecode recorded on audio tracks. You need to do this when using cameras without a dedicated timecode input via BNC or LEMO. As said, Premiere can sync by timecode, but it cannot read audio timecode. For this task we have done Tentacle Timecode Tool. It will read the audio timecode and embed this timecode into the file so that premiere can read it.