AIVX codec issue – Panasonic S1, Timecode Tool (windows), DaVinci

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I got to borrow a couple of the (original) tentacle sync units to test with my Panasonic S1 for a couple of hours the other day, but ran into an issue I couldn’t find any real discussion of online.

Shooting in .mov 10bit Long GOP and recording timecode through the mic jack, when we took the file into the windows tentacle timecode tool, it read timecode fine.

However, when exporting with the “pass through” option (which I understood wasn’t transcoding the footate?), and bringing the footage into DaVinci Resolve, the clips would show as “offline.”

Trying to open them in VLC, I get a “Codec not supported: VLC could not decode the format “aivx” (No description for this codec)” message.

If I try to bring it into premiere, it won’t import because “file uses unsupported compression type (.aivx)

What’s going on here? Is there some workflow issue on my end?

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