Apple Pro Video Formats not found. Please install FCPX or Compressor

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Syncing with TC in audio no problems here.

I also would like to sync footage shot with a Sony F5.

Tentacle Sync is asking for: Apple Pro Video Formats not found. Please install FCPX or Compressor.

Do I really need to install FCP, or are there separate codex I can install to get this working.

(I’m not an editor just a soundmixer who want to use this only for syncing)




Answered question

Hi Gaby,

Tentacle Sync Studio does use Apple codecs that are installed on your Computer. Sadly AVC-Intra codecs (wich the F5 does) do not come with the operating system itself.

What you need to install is the Apple Pro Video Formats 2.0.5 but if you try to install the package, it refuses to do so if not FCPX or Compressor is already installed. I guess this has something todo with license fees.

So the only way to get them legally is to buy an Apple professional video program like FCPX or Compressor.

But googling something like “install apple pro video formats without final cut” you might find a cheaper answer 🙂


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