Atmos Ninjas/FCP7 Multicam

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I’m a sound mixer for a small production company. I run a Zoom F8, which I use to jam 3 Tentacle units. Two of the tentacles go on matching 5Dmk3s with Atmos Ninja 2s. The other goes on a C300 with a Ninja Assassin. We use the Atmos products because they enable recording direct to Prores codec, which is helpful since editing is done in Final Cut Pro 7.


My main question is: What is the best process in Tentacle Sync Studio to ingest/export the footage from the 3 cameras and audio┬áso that I can easily create multiclips in FCP7? I am hoping to make the Post Production Supervisor say “Wow, that’s even easier than PluralEyes!”


Secondarily, if anyone can offer advice on my setup on-set I’d be grateful. I’m running all three tentacles into the 3.5mm audio input on each Ninja. I have not tried to figure out whether I can feed the Ninjas’ timecode from the tentacles.

Thanks for reading!


You probably can feed the C300 timecode directly. The ninja will take it over, right?

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