Audio Bleed on Camera Media – Need help NOW

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Hi Guys, we are using the Tentacle sync e and are running to two Red Gemini’s with an DSMC 2 expander unit using the Lemo cable to the expander on the camera.

We are generating the time code on SD 633 and then sending that to the Tentacles Syncs. Everything looks great and it is getting TC.

However, it is bleeding on to the audio tracks in the camera and the media in the camera. What are we doing wrong? Why is it even on the audio track 1 or 2?  We’ve tried Mic and Line on the tenaclyes. It’s lower on the mic level but still there. and at mic level, we noticed drift on TC. Please let me know if you can help.

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The Gemini has a TC input, right? Use that one. With RED, avoid putting timecode as audio signal (called: “LTC”) on an audio track. TSS has currently a problem reading audio from RED files.
I consider the audio on a camera as guide track. Also with some DSLR’s i get some timecode bleed into the audio of the non-tc channel. I don’t care; it is just for guide track. Even better; i don’t want them to use it anyway!
If you notice a sync problem, there is either a frame rate mismatch or there is a clock drift.
Set both Tentacle and RED at the same frame rate.
If you still notice drift; and by drift i mean; the start of each shot is sync but it (slowly) drifts out of sync, there is a problem with the sound recorder or with the RED that is not at a proper clock speed. That is not something that Tentacle can solve. Even if you use a clap and sync by that, so without tentacles or timecode, it will drift. It means there is a calibration problem with sound and/or camera clock speed.

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