Audio de-synced when opening the Premiere Pro 2020 project

I am having a serious issue. I am working on a project which I shot with my Panasonic S1 and I’ve used Nanolockits to record the TC. After I synced everything with Tentacle studio and received the XML, I used the synced files to start editing. Now when I open the project, all the files are heavily de-synced and unusable within the sequences I worked on. The original XML is still fine, but my edits are unusable. Can you please tell me, what’s wrong or if this can be fixed?
We’ve been shooting with 25fps for interviews and with 50fps for B Roll footage. Just now I’ve realized, that Tentacle created a 50fps based XML.
It’s just so weird, that only the sequences I have been editing are completely off and the original XML is fine and not affected.

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