Audio Timecode Clipped

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Hello, my audio timecode is possibly clipped. I am not sure if it is the cable or the camera audio level problem. I would like to know if it is possible to save it.

I have done a short documentary on FS7 for 5 days, if the audio timecode clipped would be a big trouble.


Please download my footage below.


Hope someone can help me! Thanks a lot.


I tried here too, with no success. I’ve tried the various settings that Tentacle Sync Studio Timecode reader has, no tsuccess.

I’ve also tried to read it with a 744T, a Lockit, and Lockstep reader, all no go, but for these three readers the file is also a bit short.

Then i’ve tried IzoTope De-clipper. It also didn’t help.

I think you have to try if Plural Eyes can help you here, as it looks like you have a guide track recorded on the FS7.

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