Audio Upload Issue FCPX – Excess Audio Trimming

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Hi there, I would appreciate some ideas about how I might be able to fix an issue I’m experiencing when uploading my footage into FCPX.

After running my footage through the Tentacle Sync Studio, creating an XML, and uploading to FCPX, the footage displayed in FCPX is synced properly, but retains excess audio from the entire shoot.

Just as an example, if I ran my Tentacle Sync Track E recorder for 10 minutes prior to shooting, took a single five minute video clip, then ran the track E for 10 minutes post shooting, after running it through Tentacle studio and upon uploading to FCPX the clip would display in the FCPX browser as a solid 25 minute audio track with only a small 5 minute portion of video. This renders the filmstrip view of the FCPX browser unusable because of the excess audio displayed as black.

Ideally, I would only like to upload the synced audio and video footage to FCPX and not the audio that is unassociated with any video. It’s actually displayed perfectly in Tentacle Sync Studio with each clip having the associated audio and video footage trimmed to fit. But upon upload to FCPX it imports the excess.

I’ve tried unchecking the “include synced clips” button on the XML export, but that did not help.

I have included a screen shot of how the clips are displaying in my FCPX browser.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you in advance for your help.

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I understand your issue.
If you don’t need the audio outside of the video boundaries you can export as synchronised files instead of an FCPXML. Yes, it is double data this way.

Maybe there are other solutions within FCP but as i am not a skilled editor i have no idea.

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