Audiotimecode into Zoom H6 via XLR Input

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I have successfully been able to use the Zoom H6 to synch timecode using the line in on the XY module mic – very similar to the H4n recommended setup in the white paper.

But this means of course, that I can’t use the XY mic or the Shotgun capsule mics.

So is it possible to plug in the Tentacle synch into one of the XLR/TRS inputs? I get that it would be be an unbalanced output going into a balanced output but would this work with an adapter?

I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find any other responses so thought I’d post.

Thanks in advance.


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sorry for the late answer, although i think you must have found the answer using google already.
XLR’s have three pins, for balanced audio signals.
If you are using unbalanced output connections to an balanced input, most of the time the signal is only connected to the positive balanced input, which is pin #2 on the XLR. And pin#3 is connected to pin#1 (which is ground)

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