Audiotimecode into Zoom H6 via XLR Input

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I have successfully been able to use the Zoom H6 to synch timecode using the line in on the XY module mic – very similar to the H4n recommended setup in the white paper.

But this means of course, that I can’t use the XY mic or the Shotgun capsule mics.

So is it possible to plug in the Tentacle synch into one of the XLR/TRS inputs? I get that it would be be an unbalanced output going into a balanced output but would this work with an adapter?

I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find any other responses so thought I’d post.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks Fokke, I will try that out and report back. Also excited to try out TentacleSync Software 1.01 which I see is now out.

Now a Manual would be nice for a newbie like me, instead of clicking around the menus and trying to figure it out 🙂

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