AV Shift – Adding camera Presets

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Morning, have started using the AV Shift option  – I now have offsets that work for iPhone 6 and Nikon D5300 but I can’t add these settings as Presets. The ‘+’ option seems to be always greyed out. Is there something that I need to do to allow the adding of a Preset? Currently just adding the offsets manually.

Many thanks



Hi Mike,

just to clarify, there is a difference between AVShift and Set Offset. This is from the Tentacle Sync Studio Help:


Some (less expensive) cameras lack of synchronicity between audio and video. The recorded audio of those cameras is a few frames delayed or in advance.

With AVShift you can compensate for this camera issue. This function will only work with clips wich both have audio and video. It will have no effect on audio only or video only clips.

Hitting the plus sign on the left lets you create presets for certain camera models. Those presets will then automatically apply AVShift for clips of those cameras on import when the “Automatically apply AVShift on Import” is enabled in the settings panel.”

The ‘+’ sign is only active when you have changed something. It is also possible only to have one preset per camera. When Tentacle can not detect the camera model, it is not possible to add an preset.

Hope that helps!


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