AV Shift – Adding camera Presets

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Morning, have started using the AV Shift option  – I now have offsets that work for iPhone 6 and Nikon D5300 but I can’t add these settings as Presets. The ‘+’ option seems to be always greyed out. Is there something that I need to do to allow the adding of a Preset? Currently just adding the offsets manually.

Many thanks



Hi Mike,

you name it. Tentacle Sync can only detect the camera model if it has enough metadata to do so. It will search for metadata present in MXF, RED, Quicktime, MP4, MP3, WAVE or AVCHD files. Some of the metadata (in MXF Files for example) is stored in external files (XML or other files). So for Tentacle Sync Studio it is important to keep the original folder structure to find any available metadata.


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