AVID MC8 Trimming of Clips

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Hey everyone!

Trying to embed tentaclesync within a multicamera setup into our avid (windows 7, mc 8.5) workflow. reading the timecode from the video’s audio channel works fine. when it comes to avid’s autosync there’s no problem as long video and audio clip have the same start and end point/the same duration. but if the video clip is longer (e.g. the video recording starts sooner, or is cutted later than the audio recording) the final synched subclip will always be trimmed to the length of the audio recording and the remaining video material will be truncated. has anyone found a solution to use tentaclesync, reading the audio timecode, autosync it within mc and produce subclips, which contain uncut video and audio material?


i am new to avid and tentaclesync, and would be happy about any help. thanks a lot!


AAF export for Avid will be implemented in the Tentacle Sync software in the future.

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