Need a bullet proof workflow to sync up with an external audio

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I shoot at 60p (59.94) but deploy to a timeline of (30p 29.97)

I own 2 tentacle units and am able to sync 2 video cameras with no issue BUT

I can never get my video to line up with an external audio source such as an h4n.

The audio of the external source is constantly drifting.

Please help me develop a workflow so that I don’t spend hours on this every project.  Tentacle was supposed to save me time but so far it hasn’t fulfilled it’s promise.


Thank you


Hi Fokke, thanks for your reply.

I’m setting the tentacles to 29.97.

I shoot for over 4-5 hours at live events and so the drift is pretty substantial at the end.

My h4n produces one or 2 long files and so by the time I’m at the end of the audio the drift is huge.  Now when I use FCPX to take the timecode of my DVX200 and the audio it matches perfectly, but If I try and export both camera footage from tentacle studio into a multicam clip and then lay the audio file on top the audio exceeds the length of the entire shoot.  I tried exporting to both a 29.97 project and a 59.94 same result.  Audio matches at the very beginning but then goes about 110% or more past the end of the video.

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