Canon 5D sync

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I am wondering if anyone has successful experience of setting up the Canon 5D with a tentacle.

I assume the plugin power required is always on, i.e. it is not necessary to switch on?

Is it ok to leave on auto sound level, or should it be set to manual and some level for TC set?

Also, if auto mic level is set on your tentacle, does it revert to line level when used with a normal camera plugged in by BNC?






First you jam-sync your Tentacle with the recorder – so the Tentacle reads the timecode the recorder produces.Than you can jam-sync all you other Tentacle from this master Tentacle and start shooting. When it comes to editing, you import all your video and external audio files into Resolve, select them all, hit “synchronize” – and BAMM you are done. Visit Canon 5d Manual for further information and support.

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