Can’t sync TC with Tentacle and GH5s

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Good afternoon

Having troubles of syncing TC for camera Panasonic GH5S and Tentical sync with mic port and also with Flash port. it says “synchronization is failed”.

When I connect with mic port, R channel shows that TentacleSync gives a signal to the camera, but I don’t understand why it’s failing.

For settings I go to Timecode menu, choose TC – external TC settings- TC link – TC input

I will be very appreciated for any suggestions or the link to YouTube with settings video, so I can double check that I do everything correctly.

Thank you for your time

and I’m sorry for mistakes, English is not my first language.

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I think you need to use the flash port and not the audio input if you want the GH5 to lock to the timecode. Be sure to put the tentacle on LINE. But for further questions on the GH5 i suggest looking for a GH5 forum, it seems like it is not a Tentacle problem.

But even then, the GH5 needs to be re-synced often to stay in sync with other timecode devices . I recommend to use a Tentacle permanently on the GH and put the timecode on an audio channel and use Tentacle Sync Studio to do the syncing.

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