change 23,98 fps, after ???

Solved3.10K viewsHardware23 98 fps.

I find myself in a boring situation …

By configuring the tentacle hardware, I did not push on “disconnected” before removing the mini jack.

And the audio TC stayed in 23,98 fps. (While the canon 5D was good in 25 fps and the sound devices in 25 fps)

The syncro does not work in the software tentacle Sync, everything is moved …

You think that there is a solution ?

Thank you


Hi Franck,

up to now it’s really impossible to fix this issue you have. If you would have recorded with a wrong timecode rate on you audio recorder (Sound Devices etc.) then there is a possibility to change it later, because it is internally stored as a timestamp based on samples not frames. It would also not be a big problem when falsely using wrong non-ntsc rates like 24,25 or 30 fps because this rates a all representing real-time. In the case of ntsc-rates like 23.98 or 29.97 the timecode does not represent real-time. Here the timecode runs 0.001 times slower than real time. Because of that it is not easy calculate the correct timecode.

However, in future we may add support in our sync software for fixing timecode mismatch issues.

Hope that helps,