Compatible with Zoom F3?

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Can anyone tell me if the Tentacle Sync would be compatible with the Zoom F3?

I’m new to the world of sound. So far have the Tentacle time code generator and lav system. Thinking to add an option for a Boom Mic to the mix. I did some googling, but was surprised I couldn’t find an explicit answer to this question. I see that the F3 definitely supports a sort of proprietary Timecode sync called “ultrasync blue” but it simply wasn’t clear if it would work with tentacle.

Thanks so much for any insight!

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Thank you that’s very helpful. The MixPre line definitely looks interesting. Just wish it’s price point was closer to the F3 🙂

From a broader perspective, if considering other devices, how would I know which ones are compatible with Tentacle and which are not? Are there any specific language or wording in the product description that indicates compatibility?

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