Custom fees, import duties, taxes for United States

I was just about to purchase my first set of tentacles when I noticed this on the Buy Now page:

Please Note: There may be customs fees, import duties or taxes imposed by a destination country outside the European Union which you may have to pay in addition to the shipping costs. The charges must be paid by the recipient/importer of the parcel. Unfortunately cannot tell you how much the charges would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country.

I work at a production company in Los Angeles, CA (zip code: 91521-4646) and we have a feature film production coming up November 6th, 2015. How much will the “custom fees, import duties and/or taxes” be for us in Los Angeles for two tentacles and would they arrive before November 6th?

I looked everywhere on the internet to find custom fees and import duties from Germany to the United States but no luck. Thank you and I look forward to your reply!



I placed an order for the 2 units and a few cables. Package arrived less than a week later via UPS. A few days after that got an invoice from UPS for roughly $30 for import duties/taxes.


I live in Louisiana, so I’m not sure if its dependent on where in US you live, but it seems like UPS will invoice for duties owed. Hopefully that helps!


Thanks Peter! Just ordered mine. Cheers from LA.


Yup for the first time in my life, I completely forgot about customs fees when doing an overseas purchase…. Got smacked with $370 bucks…. OUCH!



But I think most of the taxes you had to pay has been the VAT?


In Australia they let anything under a $1000 come in without paying custom fees. I just forgot to split my order up to keep them under $1000. Shame, i’m usually ever so good at remembering this, first time! Gotta get done at least once right to balance out everything!