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Hi everybody,

I am not a soundie and new to the post side,  so looking for a little guidance on an issue I’m having at the card wrangling stage.

I have a 2 camera shoot with a Sony FS7 & Sony A73, both synced for timecode with Tentacles, with obviously the T/C going onto the audio track of the A73.

The footage is being backed up from card to hard drive via Shotput Pro due to its checksum verification.

However the edit has asked for the files to be wrangled via Tentacle Sync.  As far as I am aware Tentacle Sync is used to convert the audio T/C into File T/C before being exported into an editing package rather than before being backed up.

Therefore can I export files from Tentacle Sync into Shotput Pro to be backed up or do I run them through Tentacle Sync and export them to another folder on the back up drive.

However I feel that this should be done at a pre-edit stage rather at the back up.

Many Thanks

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Hi Fokke

Thank You for your in-depth answer. I am sorry it has taken a while to reply.

I would not be exporting into a edit programme at this stage, just backing up the footage to sent to the edit so would I be able to save the clips onto a hard drive all synced to give to the edit, so they can just download and go.

I hope that makes sense many thanks.

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